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Hear the New, Classic Pop of the Parson Red Heads' "Turn Around" (premiere)

The Parson Red Heads' "Turn Around" is a pop tune, but pop as heard through ears more attuned to AM radio's glory days rather than streaming playlists and studio trickery.


The Dawn Drapes Deliver Power Pop Perfection With "Oxygen" (premiere)

Philadelphia indie rockers the Dawn Drapes' latest video, "Oxygen" provides us with a quick glimpse into the soulful energy, jangling guitars and refined vocal harmonies that help define the group's sounds.


The Orange Peels Trace the Evolution of a Song with "Something Strange Happens" (premiere)

The upcoming reissue of the Orange Peels' 1997 debut album offers 40 tracks and plenty of insights into the group's creative process. Bandleader Allen Clapp recalls how one stunning song blossomed.


From Norway and Oregon Come the No Ones with a Potent Dose of Classic Jangle Pop

Scott McCaughey and Peter Buck's the No Ones took their sweet time on their debut, The Great Lost No Ones Album, but it was well worth the wait for any indie or pop fan.


The Sound of Young Scotland? Spinning Coin Channel Postcard Records on 'Hyacinth'

Recorded in France, by musicians resident in Berlin, Spinning Coin's Hyacinth still sounds like it was made in Glasgow. In 1981.


15 Essential Tracks from the New Zealand Pop Underground

Recorded for $60 in an island country near the bottom of the globe, "Tally Ho", the debut single by New Zealand's the Clean, was an unlikely candidate to be an international game-changer and a defining moment for a pop movement. Here's a sampling of essential tracks by 15 of New Zealand's finest acts.

Mike Noren

Kiwi Jr.'s Debut 'Football Money' Is an Indie Pop Gem

Kiwi Jr.'s Football Money is a jangly, sugar-coated, charming debut album destined to be cherished by indie pop/rock fans of all stripes.


A Shirt of Violent Green: R.E.M.'s 'Monster' Gets the Deluxe Reissue Treatment

Twenty-five years after the release of R.E.M.'s Monster, a lavish boxed set of the Georgia quartet's most controversial album creates a much-deserved opportunity for reassessment.


Those Pretty Wrongs Get It Pretty Right With 'Zed For Zulu'

While the rest of the world bickers and sulks, Luther Russell and Big Star's Jody Stephens as Those Pretty Wrongs make an album brimming with love and positivity.


Teenage Fanclub - "Everything Is Falling Apart" (Singles Going Steady)

Teenage Fanclub create an impeccably boss Velvet Underground groove with "Everything Is Falling Apart".


R.E.M. Grow Up in Public on 'At the BBC'

R.E.M. at the BBC features eight CDs and a DVD of material recorded live in Britain by R.E.M., who went from cult heroes to global superstars right before our eyes.


The Chills' 'Snow Bound' Captures the Pathways Leading to Emotional Growth and Awareness

The Chills' Snow Bound musically captures the band's depth and versatility while demonstrating their creativity and willingness to embrace new directions.


The Feelies' Side-Project Yung Wu Now Has a CD Release for 'Shore Leave'

A gift for Feelies fans, this 1987 side project from Yung Wu, Shore Leave, is finally available on CD.


The 25 Best Songs of Teenage Fanclub

In our latest artist list, we pay tribute to power pop legends Teenage Fanclub. Here are their 25 best songs.


The Jazz Butcher's 'The Violent Years' Covers One of the Best Periods in British Pop

The career retrospective of the veritable Pat Fish, aka the Jazz Butcher, continues with four (more) albums of crazy/beautiful indie pop. Not your typical Creation Records fare.


The Searchers: Another Night: The Sire Recordings

Merseybeat survivors, the Searchers made two new-wave styled, pop rock albums in 1979 and 1981. They covered Big Star, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty. What could possibly go wrong?


R.E.M.: Automatic For the People (25th Anniversary Special Edition)

Every streetlight a reminder: a quarter-century after its initial release, R.E.M.'s crowning achievement is available as a deluxe set.


The Orchids: Who Needs Tomorrow... a 30 Year Retrospective

Their influences were out in the open for all to see, but this Orchids retrospective sums up the sweet joy of these jangle pop stalwarts.


Chris Bell: I Am the Cosmos (Deluxe Edition)

With Big Star, Chris Bell helped invent power pop as we know it. I Am the Cosmos is his brilliant posthumous solo masterpiece, and the definitive edition is out now.


Chook Race: Around the House

Australian bedroom-pop outfit Chook Race put together a vibrant and hopeful breakthrough record.


The Chills: Kaleidoscope World

The latest reissue of the Chills' landmark 1986 release is a touchstone of the kaleidoscope of diverse and dynamic songs the band has been responsible for.


The Bangles: Ladies and Gentleman... the Bangles!

These earliest recordings of the Bangles showcase their chops as a live group and an excellent grasp of songwriting and melody writing. It's a must-have for die-hards and those wishing to delve deeper into the group's discography.


Teenage Fanclub - "I'm in Love" (Singles Going Steady)

"I'm in Love" is pretty much what you'd expect from these Scottish indie vets -- timeless college rock with an irresistible AM radio sheen.


Velvet Crush: Pre-Teen Symphonies

Pre-Teen Symphonies offers a fascinating snapshot into the life of a song, from its most embryonic stages to the shape it takes post-release as a piece of a band's live act.


Real Estate: Atlas

Without a doubt, this is another Real Estate album.


Ranking R.E.M.: The 10 Best Albums

One author's farewell ranking of the top 10 R.E.M. LPs illustrates that some albums that were monster hits have not aged especially well, while another album entitled Monster has, and that the usual suspects remain indelible after all these years.


Phil Wilson: God Bless Jim Kennedy

God Bless Jim Kennedy will be a Godsend to long-time devotees who have been patiently to hear something new out of Phil Wilson for a period spanning roughly two decades.


The High Dials: Anthems For Doomed Youth

If you like your pop to have enough power in it to back 100 navies, you'll find this record to be a dazzling kaleidoscope of psychedelic flavoured confectionary.


Teenage Fanclub: Shadows

The Scottish pop classicists return with their first album in five years. Have they learned any new tricks?


Teenage Fanclub: Man-Made

Scottish group returns yet again with another album that, although lighter in some respects, critics and fans alike will lap up without question. What a shock!"

Jason MacNeil

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