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Motherhood Heed the Call of the Wild on "Bird Chirp" (premiere)

New Brunswick trio Motherhood approach their art rock with a mischief-spiked sensibility on "Bird Chirp".


Tribeca 2018: 'The Miseducation of Cameron Post' and 'Tully'

The Miseducation of Cameron Post explores a teenager's struggles at a gay conversion therapy camp, and Tully a suburban wife's depression after having a third child. Both aim at empathy.


Mamma First: Considering 2013's Critique of Child-rearing, 'The Conflict'

On French scholar √Člisabeth Badinter's critical deconstruction of the maternal expectations that create a backlash against women's rights.


At Home With Mama: An Interview With Martha Wainwright

Martha's Wainwright's third album comes a moment where her life is becoming uncharted. Lucky for us, she's a Wainwright, so she had no problem talking about those changes, including motherhood, death, and naked pictures.


There's a Lot of Teeth Gnashing in Elisabeth Badinter's 'The Conflict'

Are women forgoing motherhood because they're afraid they'll fall short of the ideal of the "good mother"? Badinter makes an occasionally convincing if myopic case for that, but frankly, I hope not.


The Hand That First Held Mine by Maggie O'Farrell

O'Farrell has an acute ability to make one understand what it is like to be a mother and the personal turmoil it can create for some women/


Who Does She Think She Is?

Women often feel they must choose between motherhood and art, but the five artists profiled in Who Does She Think She Is? demonstrate that you can have both.


No Easy Reasons: Interview with Camilla Noli

The question at the heart of Camilla Noli's debut novel, Still Waters, is this:Is every woman suited to motherhood?

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