THRILLCHASER - "Hold on to the Night" (video) (premiere)

Photo: Shervin Lainez

"Hold on to the Night" is a club-ready indie rock tune outfitted with polished musicianship and contemporary swagger.

If one thing is true so far about recent alternative upstarts THRILLCHASER, it's that they certainly live up to their band's name. Originally known as American Wolves, Rod Pires, Nikki Zell, and Rob Lundy built a considerable following under the moniker before deciding to renovate a little. Rebranding their sound into the THRILLCHASER that we know today, the trio, with their new name in tow, invokes a pop-rock sentiment similar to the slick, modern vibes of bands like the 1975.

Produced by Taylor Larson (Asking Alexandria, the Dangerous Summer), "Hold on to the Night" is a club-ready indie rock tune outfitted with polished musicianship and contemporary swagger. They're bringing their same knack for earworms that they had with American Wolves, but applying it to THRILLCHASER in a brand new way.

Still, as Nikki Zell explains, "Hold on to the Night" was made at least in part by reflecting on their past.

"'Hold on to the Night' was first written during the summer of 2015 when Rod and Rob were first starting American Wolves and recording with Dan Korneff on Long Island, New York. As American Wolves, we performed the original version of the song live on our tour with Escape the Fate & Get Scared, however it never saw an official release."

"During the recording of our album, A Lot Like Love, in late 2016/early 2017, we re-wrote and completely re-recorded the song with producer Taylor Larson. The video was shot in my home city of Philadelphia by our good friend Chris Newhard in August 2016. We technically were still American Wolves during the making of this video, and it was shot to the original unreleased recording and then later re-purposed for THRILLCHASER once the song had been re-recorded. Releasing this video reminds us where we came from and is our way of saying 'thank you' to all the fans who have stuck by our side."

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