Photo: Zoe Prinds

Tiny Deaths Issue Coming-of-Age Record With ‘Magic’ (album stream)

What does coming-of-age really mean? Tiny Deaths seeks answers on new full-length that capitalizes on the duo's artistic potential.

Tiny Deaths brings together elements of the Mini Apple and the Big Apple via vocalist Claire de Lune and producer Grant Cutler. The collision of Minneapolis and New York City isn’t shocking or incompatible at all, instead making for a body of song that has earned the duo comparisons to Beach House, Phantogram, and Purity Ring. Along the way there have been accolades from The Guardian, Minneapolis City Pages, and more.

Now the group returns with a new release, Magic, that advances the musical cause, creating new nuances and exhilarating new musical climates for the pair.

“At its very heart, Magic is a coming-of-age record,” says de Lune, “a broadness in that, though. Coming of age means coming into your own as an artist, as a partner and a chooser of partners, as a friend, a professional, a lover, a writer, a human being. Coming into your place in the world is not an easy task. Figuring out your surroundings and where you fit within them. Lyrically, in some ways, I wanted to write the record I needed in my 20s that I didn’t have. And also maybe write a record for youth coming of age now, in these crazy times, that could make them feel a little more understood and a little less alone. All those things you’re going through, the heartbreak, the confusion, the fear, those are fundamental things.”

She continues, “And whether you’re growing up at a heightened time like the present, or in 1995, or 2005, or 1905, these are constants in some way. Musically what we did mimics that in that we pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone and pushed the boundaries of what our sonic world is and what can exist within that. It’s an exciting record for us in every way, and in many ways it feels like a realization of what we’ve been working toward since we released our first EP, our coming-of-age as a band, too.”

Magic is out September 21 via Handwritten Records.

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