Christina Castle Is a “Crazy Lover” (premiere)

Christina Castle is joined by rap royalty to tease her forthcoming EP with the track "Crazy Lover".

Young Aussie newcomer Christina Castle is gearing up for her sophomore EP with a strong message right out of the gate. “Crazy Lover” is an anthem for women who have responded to bro/dude betrayal in kind and serves to warn future ne’er-do-wells that every wrong move will come at a price.

To drive this point home, Cristina enlisted the fierce lines of Gangsta Boo of the legendary Three 6 Mafiab to emphasize just how bent on justice the natural duo are. Gangsta boo writes, “Ladies you know when you get fed up? Tired of being lied to, cheated on, manipulated and used? Give me or my girl Christina Castle a call. And fellas just let us be great. Just sing along!”