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Joanna Teters Heads 'Back to Brooklyn' (album stream)

Photo courtesy of Brave PR

With her new EP, New York songstress Joanna Teters envelopes listeners in a world of lush contemporary soul.

It's been a busy year for singer-songwriter and producer Joanna Teters. Hot on the heels of the January release of her previous album, Warmer When It Rains, Teters is following up with another generous offering of ebullient soul with Back to Brooklyn.

Comprised of five tracks, Teters' new EP effortlessly rides a line between jazz and R&B-blended soundscapes. Its captivating, profusely lush production acts as the ship to ferry the New York songstress' voluptuous, inherently soulful delivery forward. Speaking of the EP as a whole, the songs decorating Back to Brooklyn feel like an unapologetic declaration for Teters, both as an experienced artist and a powerful woman. It's made abundantly clear early on that she is capable of driving her performances forward with profound ease and infectious energy that permeates throughout each of them.

This much is true right from the top with the EP's title track. Accentuated with sprightly piano flourishes and drums and bass-centric percussion, Teters' gorgeous, subtly smoky vocals immediately envelop her listeners and fill them in on her old-school soul proclivity. From there, it's a joy to ride further through the delectable contemporary urban landscapes she so easily navigates. It wraps itself up in a beautiful bow with "Love Yourself" and certainly feels like Brooklyn from head to toe. The only downside here is that sweet experience is so short, clocking around at just around 20 minutes total.

Back to Brooklyn is set to release on 15 June.

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