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Elizabeth Cook Looks at Her Past to See What's Next on 'Aftermath'

On Aftermath, Elizabeth Cook reflects on what has passed and continues as a protagonist who has been changed by experience. She's not willing to accept what is.


Elizabeth Cook: Gospel Plow EP

An independent-minded country singer gets religion.


Elizabeth Cook Pays Tribute to Doc Watson

Elizabeth Cook paid tribute to Doc Watson at a show the day after his passing with a take on the classic "Columbus Stockade Blues". Cook's latest record, Gospel Plow EP, drops next week.


Chuck Mead: Back at the Quonset Hut

Former BR5-49 frontman recruits a roster of old-school Nashville session players and current country stars, and gets down to covering songs from classic country artists. It's an effort that pays off nicely.


Elizabeth Cook: Balls

Elizabeth Cook seems to have had everything going for her, except the dice.

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