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Electrosoul's SAULT Center Themselves Around Blackness on 'UNTITLED (Black Is)'

Mysterious electrosoul ensemble SAULT's UNTITLED (Black Is) is a stellar, uplifting record informed by timeless struggle, solidarity, and pride.


Producer Mux Mool Delivers Groovy Beats on "Latest Sulk" (premiere)

Beats producer Mux Mool returns with Skulltaste II, ten years after the first and delivers the banging new single "Latest Sulk" as his statement of intent.


Lee Jones' 'Down Into Light' Is a Minutiae-Scanning Beauty of Minimal Techno

Down Into Light feels like the album Lee Jones was always born to make. He's always had a lightness of touch, but here, his touch is more delicate than ever.


Maurice Fulton's New LP is a Worthy Addition to the BOOF Canon

Maurice Fulton (BOOF) is a maestro of production value, adept at so many different sub-genres, and he's been at it for so long that he seems guaranteed not to fail. Almost 30 years since "Gypsy Woman", Rebirth of Gerberdaisy affirms all his gifts.


Producer Roza Terenzi's ​​Debut LP Shows Flashes of Greatness​

Producer Roza Terenzi's Modern Bliss shows she can take on many sounds at once—jungle, dub, trance, deep house, and classic Detroit techno—without sacrificing any flair or any nuance.


Dual Identities and the Iranian Diaspora: Sepehr Debuts 'Shaytoon'

Electronic producer Sepehr discusses his debut album releasing Friday, sparing no detail on life in the Iranian diaspora, the experiences of being raised by ABBA-loving Persian rug traders, and the illegal music stores that still litter modern Iran.


Italian DJ Pagano Unveils Floor- Rumbling Dance Anthem "Latin Tales" (premiere)

Pagano's "Latin Tales" is the upbeat, sunshine-infused, groove-fest that we really need right now.


Disclosure - "Tondo" (Singles Going Steady)

On "Tonto", Disclosure loop their signature hi-hats with bass, a saxophone, and the joyous voice of Eko Roosevelt.


Cubicolor's 'Hardly a Day, Hardly a Night' Is a Richly Drawn Work of Electropop

Cubicolor's meticulously crafted soundscapes morph from plaintive electronic pieces into uplifting dance tracks in the space of a single song. Hardly a Day, Hardly a Night is a richly drawn, triumphant record.


Fernando Lagreca Shares New Dynamic House Tune "Dissociation" (premiere)

Lagreca playfully toys with the natural dynamic of a club tune as he guides the listener to somewhere a little off the beaten track on "Dissociation".


Brits in Hot Weather #20: Sea Girls, Redfield, Peaness, Natty Wylah, False Heads

This week features smart indie rock from Sea Girls, kaleidoscopic house from Redfield, fizzing indie pop-punk from Peaness, neo-soul-tinged hip-hop from Natty Wylah, and a full-on, monolithic rocker from False Heads.


Electro's Sotomayor Merge House and Merengue on "Menéate pa' mí" (premiere)

Mexico-based electro duo Sotomayor blend merengue and house for a dancefloor takeover on new single "Menéate pa' mí".


Holy Fuck Morph Into an Electropop/House Group on 'Deleter'

On Deleter, Holy Fuck have enthusiastically thrown themselves into the kaleidoscopic world of the early 1990s house scene while adding a few footnotes using their particular musical vocabulary.


The 25 Best Electronic Albums of 2019

Electronic music is a huge tent with so many diverse approaches, and it's more international than ever with producers around the globe pushing music forward. The year's best albums featured returns from established talents, as well as ground-breaking newcomers, and a host of women changing the old boy's club of electronic music.


House's Flashmob Remixes Juliet Sikora's Monster Hit "Beat Dancer" (premiere)

Flashmob Records boss finds the sweet spot between groove and melody on this quality, deep house mix of Juliet Sikora's "Beat Dancer".


Friend Within Brings Sunshine to the Dancefloor on "Space Jam" (premiere)

Liverpool producer Friend Within's "Space Jam" is the kind of deliciously fun, deep house tune made for detonating those winter blues.


No Fear No More: An Interview with Madeon

Madeon shot to fame as a teenager as a new dance music hero, then withdrew from the world as he battled with his emotions. Now, with his thoughtful sophomore album, Madeon is back with an evolved sound and a new outlook, ready to connect with people like never before.

Evan Sawdey

How a Foot Injury Led to Sofi Tukker's Latest EP

A cancelled tour carved out a whole bunch of time for electronic duo Sofi Tukker to make their new EP Dancing on the People. Here's why a broken foot might have been a blessing in disguise.


Scottish Producer Denis Sulta's New Ninja Tune EP Is His Defining Work So Far

Aye Spoake Te Sumwuhn & They Listenhd is a defining work for Scottish producer Denis Sulta. Overtly addressing his issues with anxiety, he uses the musical tools at his disposable to work through his subconscious.


The Juan MacLean Go Flat on 'The Brighter the Light'

Electro duo the Juan MacLean release a flat collection of previously released house singles on The Brighter the Light.


MindMassage's "Sailing Away" Is a Late Summer Banger and Meditative Chillout (premiere)

The first taste from MindMassage's forthcoming album sees the Manchester producer building on a richly evocative sonic foundation with "Sailing Away".


Fujiya & Miyagi Debut Stunning Vince Clarke remix of "Fear of Missing Out"(premiere)

Erasure's Vince Clarke amplifies the groove of Fujiya & Miyagi's "Fear of Missing Out" and steers it to the heart of the dancefloor.


Moodymann's 'Sinner' Paints a Portrait of Obsession

On Sinner, Detroit producer Moodymann lets us listen in on the hallucinatory, self-contradictory conversation he's perpetually having with himself.


Producer Quantic Puts His Musical Wanderlust Center Stage on New Solo Release 'Atlantic Oscillations'

Quantic's Atlantic Oscillations sees his return to the forefront, with all original music that draws on house, disco, soul, jazz, dub, and Will Holland's wanderlust.


DJ Chillz Pulls You onto the Dancefloor on "1111 Accord" (premiere)

With its punchy beats and electrifying groove, DJ Chillz makes "1111 Accord" sound so effortless.


Mark Knight Shows Who Is Boss on "The General" (premiere)

Mark Knight's "The General" is another deliriously catchy, groove-laden club hit in waiting, destined to ignite dance floors across the world.


British DJ and Producer, Pirate Copy, Aims for the Heavens on "Touch the Sky" (premiere)

"Touch the Sky" is the sound of producer Pirate Copy distilling his sound into their essential elements and spinning them into dancefloor gold.


Detroit Love: An Interview with Electronic Music Pioneer Carl Craig

Prolific electronic artist and label head, Carl Craig reflects on his most recent work, the state of music today, and his illustrious career.


Machinedrum and Jimmy Edgar Team Up as 'J-E-T-S' on Their First Collaboration, 'Zoospa'

Zoospa finds producers Machinedrum and Jimmy Edgar finding plenty of shared musical ground, laying charges, and then detonating them.


Brits in Hot Weather #16

Brits in Hot Weather features five of the best new British songs. In this edition, we have trap-infused indie from 13XL, the compelling electronics of Le Module, anthemic indie from the Polarity, barrelling post-hardcore from Cagework, and sunshine filled house from Disciples.


Inventive Electronic Trio VRWRK Thicken Up Their Sound on "As a Snake" (premiere)

Salem Khazeli's soulful voice casts a long, emotive shadow over VRWRK's new single, with every word sounding like it's being cast from the very depths of his psyche.


Brits in Hot Weather #15

This time we have shadowy, soulful house with a UK garage twist in the form of Quiet Man X Joy Anonymous, stuttering funk from Skinny Pelembe, downtempo synthpop from CC Honeymoon, fiery punk 'n' roll from Eyesore & the Jinx, and glam-infused psychedelia from Benedict Benjamin.


French DJ and Producer Mathieu Koss Teams Up with Aloe Blacc on "Never Growing Up" (premiere)

Mathieu Koss and Aloe Blacc's uptempo pop-house track "Never Growing Up" sweeps you up in its boundless enthusiasm for life and all its possibilities.


Jayda G Wants You to Think While You Dance on 'Significant Changes'

As a platform for further discussion and as a funky, hip shaking, unifying electronic album, Jayda G's Significant Changes is a triumph.


'For Lovers' Is a Very Vulnerable, Tender Record for Electronic Producer Octo Octa

Far removed from anything Octo Octa has done before, For Lovers is the sound of an artist clearing the way to follow whatever direction she chooses next.


Leon Vynehall's 'DJ-Kicks' Entry Proves Fascinating and Frustrating in Equal Measure

Leon Vynehall crafts a crate-digging set which, while not always satisfying, at least remains one of the bolder entries in the long-running DK-Kicks series.

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