Vesper Wood Brings Emotion, Conviction to "Descend" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
Photo: Linda Mason / Courtesy of Girlie Action

One half of Kaleida, Christina Wood gives a taste of her mesmerizing first solo album as Vesper Wood.

"Descend" is the new track from Vesper Wood. Culled from the album Instar, the piece is an unadorned exploration of Christina Wood's vocal power. The song evolves slow, surely, avoiding pop music and emotional clichés. Instead of culminating in an overwhelming climax, the song simply disappears to where it came from and proves all the more haunting for it. The music appeals to fans of Björk, Jarboe, and Myrkur with plenty of darkness tempered with light.

"It's a very emotional track, very watery, about feeling drowned in the conviction of love", says Wood with an understatement appropriate to the tune itself.

One half of the electronic duo Kaleida, Wood's voice may be most familiar to fans of the John Wick soundtrack, which featured the song "Think" as well as songs featured on Atomic Blonde and CSI. Wood recorded Instar in 2018 with producer Ali Chant, whose credits including PJ Harvey, John Parish, Perfume Genius, and Jenny Hval among others. The LP, she adds, was inspired by a series of profound experiences. "Descend" is available through Spotify.

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