We Are the Northern Lights Share an Ode to Commitment with "Wanna Be in It" (premiere)

Photo: Sheldon Low

With a palpable passion between indie folk's Hadar Orshalimy and Sheldon Low, We Are the Northern Lights' "Wanna Be In It" offers ample space for the couple to deliver an inspiring message.

While the ardor shared between Hadar Orshalimy and Sheldon Low would have anyone call We Are the Northern Lights' bluff on their "accidental" coming together, the indie folk duo's members originally grew up over 6,000 miles apart from one another. When the two first met, Orshalimy was serving in the Israeli Defense Forces and Low was a burgeoning rock artist who had recently stepped away from a career in engineering. The couple moved to New York City, eventually deciding on developing We Are the Northern Lights after their co-write, "Take Me Home", garnered traction with a feature in the Ben Ketai film Beneath.

Now, Orshalimy and Low are a well-regarded folk outlet, drawing in the sort of crowds who are attracted to the palpable passion shared between duos like Joanie & Matt and Johnnyswim. Their newest single, "Wanna Be In It", is a lingering folk-pop number that showcases We Are the Northern Lights' affinity for developing warm, infectious hooks between wholesome, inspiriting messages. Produced by Jack DeBoe and Matt Cusson, the music video that accompanies "Wanna Be in It" features Orshalimy and Low showcasing the emotive, conversational qualities of the song through their performance.

"Wanna Be In It" is available to purchase and stream now.

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