Austin Lucas Explores Life's Small Steps Via Soulful "Immortal Americans" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
Photo courtesy of the artist

Austin Lucas reclaims his rightful place in the Americana pantheon with "Immortal Americans".

"Immortal Americans" is the latest single and titular track from Austin Lucas' latest LP. A song that lands somewhere between a hymn and straight-up rocker, the piece spotlights the rugged sweetness of Lucas' voice and his impeccably soulful inflections and eye for the kind of gripping details that comprise the best literature. The video reminds us that sometimes we're not as prepared to let go as we think we may be and that, too, is one of life's complicated blessings.

The Bloomington, Indiana resident says, "I think we wanted to show people that we can all leave our burdens behind and grow and change as human beings," Lucas says of the concept. "People say that people don't change, but I don't believe that. There's so much potential for growth in every one of us, if only we're willing to be open to it and to work towards making our lives better. Sometimes that change comes as a trickle and sometimes a flood, but it will always find fertile roots in the soil of the willing."

For Immortal Americans, Lucas teamed with Will Johnson (Centro-matic) for production and hired Steve Albini to engineer. The record was conceived during a tumultuous time in Lucas' life: Divorce, sobriety, helping a partner through cancer, a return to his hometown, inner turmoil and more. The result is, however, what stands as his best release to date and one that places him back on the map and in the public eye. "Immortal Americans" itself is a powerful reminder of life's complications and the rewards that await us on the other side of trouble.


Nov. 7 - Southgate House Revival - Newport, KY

Nov. 8 - The Rialto Theater - Akron, OH

Nov. 9 - King of Clubs - Syracuse, NY

Nov. 10 - Dogfish Head Brewery - Milton, DE

Nov. 11 - Atwoods Tavern - Cambridge, MA

Nov. 12 - Coney Island Baby - NY, NY

Nov. 13 - Askew - Providence, RI

Nov. 14 - Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA

Nov. 15 - Gypsy Sally's - Washington, DC

Nov. 16 - Club Cafe - Pittsburgh, PA

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