Deep Tan Amplify the Groove on New Single "Shimmer" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of Practise Music

London's deep tan further their distinctive electropop/alt-pop sound on new single, "Shimmer". Fans of Foals, the XX, Maribou State, and Beach House listen up.

After making waves with their debut single "Air", London's deep tan are back with their follow-up single "Shimmer". Once again, the trio shows off their distinctive, spacious sound that recalls the cool, delicate mystery of early Warpaint with a splash of Foals, the XX, and Beach House.

"Shimmer" sees deep tan amplifying the groove with a rippling, hypnotic bassline sitting on a light film of woozy atmospherics and ghostly synths. Drifting and gliding around it all, like a layer of wispy smoke, are the delicate, soft-edged, vocals. Together, the song feels less avant-garde than its predecessor with deeply embedded hooks bolstering the alt-pop vocal melodies.

Rather aptly, the song aims its ire at, "Surface-level people with malice that runs deep. People who operate with cruel intentions, who mask their agenda with a pretty convincing, shiny veneer." Sadly, then, people who are all too easy to spot in the modern world.

"Shimmer" is a woozy, enigmatic electropop song that subtly reveals its layers the deeper you go.

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