The Get Ahead Ruminate Over the Obscured Visions of "Faint Outline" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of HearthPR

Rising Americana band the Get Ahead get crafty with the ethereal lights of their home-shot and edited video for their latest single, "Faint Outline".

Featuring two sets of married couples and their close friend, the Get Ahead are perhaps as tightly interwoven a collective as any group can get, musically or otherwise. Nathan Earle and Juliet Howard accompany fellow couple Danny and Angie Johnson, as well as Sean Farrell, in their rising indie roots music and Americana outlet. Infused with a respect and admiration for old soul that has made the foundation for modern R&B and gospel movements, the Get Ahead's slick harmonies and rhythmic sense meet with the folksier side of storytelling to make something individualistic out of the Portland, Oregon-based collective.

The Get Ahead's latest album, Deepest Light, was recently released on 26 April via Jullian. Featuring a pregnant Howard on its cover, the band has remarked that it speaks to their feminism and acknowledgment of the divine feminine as well as it does the album's celebratory themes of life, healing, and keeping an open heart. With that said, the band's latest single, "Faint Outline", comes from a place inspired by the more recherché.

As Earle recollects, "I came up with this idea for a low (NO)-budget video for Faint Outline and shot it at home using an iPad and iPhone, editing it at home as well. The concept is obscured vision, and it was the best way I could think of to visually convey the song's subject matter without being too literal. The first verse is shot using all natural light (first verse takes place outdoors looking at the horizon for the outline of mountains) and the second verse is shot using candle and lamp light (the second verse is more internal)."

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