Photo: Caleb James / Courtesy of the artist

Raye Zaragoza’s “Fight Like a Girl” Shatters the Idea of What Women Can and Can’t Do (premiere)

Singer-songwriter and activist Raye Zaragoza's new single, "Fight Like a Girl", is an empowering anthem for intersectional feminism, encouraging resilience amongst all women.

In times as divisive as these, voices like Raye Zaragoza’s are needed more than ever. As much a dedicated activist as an artist, Zaragoza has long since infused her music with political awareness and a passion to fight for what’s right. Those same morals that left an impression on last year’s Live at Rockwood Music Hall, where she took President Trump and the Dakota Access Pipeline to task, are aimed towards smashing the glass ceiling on her latest single.

Zaragoza reflects, “‘Fight Like a Girl’ is about shattering the idea of what a woman can and cannot do. It’s about how ‘fighting like a girl’ means something different to every female-identifying person out there. It is about the resilience of women of color and all women. It is time for feminism to include all women — indigenous, immigrant, trans, and all those marginalized for their identities. This is the time for intersectional feminism, and the youth will lead the way! ‘Fight Like a Girl!’ Through this song, we also honor the women who came before us and fought for the rights we have today!”

Produced by Tucker Martine (The Decemberists, Modest Mouse), “Fight Like a Girl” brings us more of the forward-driving, conscionable indie-folk that Zaragoza has always championed. It’s an easily accessible song that lends itself to an everlasting message of resilience and inclusivity, and one that will offer itself as the soundtrack for many movements to come. Zaragoza continues to be a resonant voice for young women with multicultural upbringings.

Zaragoza will be hosting StageIt concerts throughout the month of April, beginning today. Further livestream performances will be hosted on 4/16, 4/23, and 4/30.