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Markus Floats Creates a Warm Space That Never Dallies in One Place for Long

Third Album reflects experimental electronic artist Markus Floats' belief that music isn't just something one does. It's a life one leads, so each release is an excerpted component of an ongoing and all-encompassing journey.


Efrim Manuel Menuck and Kevin Doria Blend Electronic Music and Post-Rock on 'SING SINCK SING'

With SING SINCK SING, Efrim Manuel Menuck and Kevin Doria arrive with a work that thrives through its melancholic tone, but allows a ray of hope to shine through.


Siskiyou's 'Not Somewhere' Is a Stone-Cold Bummer. And Therein Lies Its Peculiar Charm.

Siskiyou's latest album gets under your skin. Not Somewhere is bold and weird and deeply human, uneasy listening at its finest.


Joni Void's 'Mise En Abyme' Is a Shattering Reflection of the Self

On Joni Void's second full-length Mise En Abyme, plunderphonic electronica is not only a technique for sound construction but also a deconstructive method for shattering and reordering the self.


Light Conductor Traverse Into the Realm of Minimalism with 'Sequence One'

Light Conductor produce an immersive journey through drone, kosmische musik, and psychedelia with Sequence One.


Nova Scotia's Joyfultalk Share a Stunning New Video for Their Trancey Track "Peace Fight" (premiere)

Electronic duo Joyfultalk partner with Montreal-based artist and animator Brandon Blommaert for a mesmerizing video of their 2018 song "Peace Fight".


Jerusalem in My Heart Balances Between Tradition and Experimentation on 'Daqa'iq Tudaiq'

In the new record by Jerusalem in My Heart, Moumneh produces music that arrives with an expanded scope, highlighting some of the best qualities of his work.


'In Another Life' Is Sandro Perri's Experiment in "Infinite Songwriting"

Chill out: Sandro Perri's latest album In Another Life is a lush, unhurried work of ambient calm.


Experimental Electronic Producer Automatisme Produces a Work of Sonic Cubism with ' Transit'

On Transit producer William Jourdain a.k.a. Automatisme takes his avant-garde notions to the next level.


Electronic Producer Automatisme Soundtracks the Landscapes of Transit on New Album and Track "Bureau 1" (premiere)

Automatisme's music falls into the experimental end of electronic music as his new album, Transit, takes calculated samples from field recordings made at transit sites in Canada.


Carla Bozulich Cranks It Down on 'Quieter'

In resting her ears, the ex-Geraldine Fibber Carla Bozulich explores strange new terrain on Quieter.


Joni Void: Selfless

At heart, Selfless is an interesting exercise in intentional dissociation.


Jerusalem in My Heart: If He Dies, If If If If If If

Perhaps the most mournful album of 2015.


Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld: Never Were the Way She Was (take 2)

Two Constellation instrumentalists produce an organic work of seismic proportions.


Carla Bozulich: Boy

Boy sounds like nothing other than Bozulich’s own twisty back catalog, a culmination of a career spent distorting punk rock and country and the blues into exciting new shapes.


Land of Kush: The Big Mango

This uniquely celebratory work is one of the best of the year.

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