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Filmmaker Marlon Riggs Knew That Silence = Death

In turning the camera on himself, even in his most vulnerable moments as a sick and dying man, filmmaker and activist Marlon Riggs demonstrated the futility of divorcing the personal from the political. These films are available now on OVID TV.


Sarah Banet-Weiser Takes on Institutionalized Misogyny in 'Empowered'

Empowered centralizes popular feminism's ability to expose an injurious site where dominant masculinity is fallible.


Outsmarting the Auteur: Reassigning Power in Alfred Hitchcock's 'Marnie'

A contemporary viewing of Alfred Hitchcock's 1964 film, Marnie, makes it clear: we must understand the inner workings of the male gaze and subsequently annihilate it.


When Sexually Frustrated Angry White Men (Mis)Read the Classics

Donna Zuckerberg's Not All Dead White Men is a powerful study of the ways the alt-right distorts the understanding of ancient Greek and Roman literature to serve hateful interests today.


Power and Misogyny in 'Red Sparrow'

Red Sparrow isn't a great spy thriller, but it's a fascinating take on women fighting for control over their own bodies.


Historian Martin Duberman Puts Us to Task with 'Has the Gay Movement Failed?'

Has the "gay movement" failed? Not yet, suggests this historian's survey. But it urgently needs to reinvent itself.


The Three Faces of Hitchcock

The culture has shattered AlfredHitchcock's legacy into separate identities. We must view him as the brilliant, horrifying, innovative, monstrous composite he authentically was.


Puritans with Machine Guns in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

The first season of this icily horrific series is a crash course in the possibilities of a uniquely American 'It Could Happen Here' patriarchal Christian fascism.


When 'Unsane' First Sinks Its Claws into You, It Sinks Them Deep

The way Soderbergh knocks loose our grip on reality is paralyzing and unforgettable.


Ministry, L7, Sex, and Violence

We need to talk about Ministry's anti-war statement, because it encapsulates so much that's so wrong about testosterone-driven masculinist activism.


Where's the So-called 'Feminism' in  Zack Snyder's Violent 'Sucker Punch'?

Cinema's Russian doll of vacuous misogynist hyper-sexualised spectacle is a swing-and-a-miss.


'A Brief History of Feminism' Tells It and Shows It Like It Is

"There can be no one 'feminism'," writes Antje Schrupp.


Zac Brown Band: Jekyll and Hyde

A mess of competing signals and bad politics mar what could have been a blandly competent country rock experience.


Bigby and Bitches: A Big Bad Wolf That Can't Bear Misogyny

The fantasy world of The Wolf Among Us allows for a wolf to actually respond to the demeaning quality of the word that humans so often use to define the females of his whole species. And unlike a lot of human beings, he seems pretty unhappy about it.


Moving Pixels Podcast: Misogyny, Misandry, and 'Catherine'

Settle in for an evening with Moving Pixels as we explore the dark themes and curious gameplay of Atlus's biggest release to date, Catherine.


The Taming of the Dude: ‘Catherine’ and the Sex Comedy

Much of the driving force of Catherine’s ethics seems to be traditionally moralistic, given its consideration of marriage as the only real means of “taming the dude.”


Moving Pixels Podcast: Holla Back with 'Fat, Ugly or Slutty?'

This week we are joined by the admins of, a blog dedicated to calling out online gaming's less savory participants.


Robot Dreams: 'Transformers' and 'Sex Kittens Go to College'

Retro Remote nominates Sex Kittens Go to College as Transformers' true precursor. The problem with Tranformers-type franchises is that the criticisms can only annoy people by reminding them of what they have chosen to ignore.

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