The Horrors: V

The Horrors


The Horrors get their mojo back with songs to match the swagger.

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Metz: Strange Peace


Strange Peace

On the band's third album, there is a constant search for a frequency that is thrilling and a commitment to it.

Stills & Collins: Everybody Knows

Stills & Collins

Everybody Knows

Their voices blend together well, especially on the title song. The roughness of Stephen Stills’ leathery vocals meshes well with Judy Collins’ velvety crooning and fits the black humor of Cohen’s lyrics.

'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Is Comically Bad


The Golden Circle' Is Comically Bad

Matthew Vaughn’s hyper-kinetic spy comedy can’t decide if it’s a lighthearted spoof of the Bond films it obviously loves, or a smug and ironic takedown of espionage thrillers.

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Norse Code: The Rise of Nordic Literature

Nordisk Books, a small, UK-based press, is behind the push of a Nordic literature revival. PopMatters talks with Duncan Lewis about taking the genre beyond the usual crime novels.

There Is Power in 'Curry'

Naban Ruthnum’s provocative intellectual journey traces the complex roots of curry and its diasporic colonization of the West.

The Pottery Barn Principle of 'Fear the Walking Dead'

The Pottery Barn Principle of 'Fear the Walking Dead'

"Season three's exploration of the politics of survival is fascinating, even with the series over-reliance on coincidence."

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'Gotham' Season Three's Unique Take on Batman's Origin Continues to Ramp Up the Crazy

Gotham relies on its fast pace and embrace of the insane to work as the diverse and bizarre show it wants to be, but occasionally the show is too surreal for its own good.


Theatre practitioner Catherine Hernandez reveals the complexity of representation and responsibility in writing fiction.

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Idols, Ideals, and Reminders in 'Generations: Captain Marvel & Ms. Marvel #1'

Idols, Ideals, and Reminders in 'Generations: Captain Marvel & Ms. Marvel #1'

"Ms. Marvel reconnects with her idol, but a choppy narrative limits the impact."

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Sam Raimi's 'Spider-Man' Signaled That Comic Book Films Had Become a Pillar of Blockbuster Cinema

A faithful adaptation of Marvel's flagship character was inescapable in the spring of 2002.


This week Nick and Eric travel into space and plan an elaborate heist to steal Tales from the Borderlands - Episode 4.

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Paul Weller's Impossible Idea
One of the UK's most revolutionary rock figures isn't showing any signs of slowing down. His insatiable thirst for the new leads to the creation of A Kind Revolution. Weller talks with PopMatters about his new music and career. Read More
Gary Numan: Savage (Songs From a Broken World)
Back to Blue Bayou: An Interview With Linda Ronstadt
Andrew W.K. Breaks Out of His Shell

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