Peter Doherty: Hamburg Demonstrations

Peter Doherty

Hamburg Demonstrations

Hamburg Demonstrations is exactly what we've come to expect from Doherty: tongue-in-cheek Brit-rock bristling with vernacular attitude and guitars reeking of booze and windowless bedrooms

Garth Brooks: Gunslinger

Garth Brooks


Former king of country music returns with an album reminiscent of the Garth Brooks of old.

Church Is the Most Awkward and Odd Episode of 'Divorce' Yet

"Church" Is the Most Awkward and Odd Episode of 'Divorce' Yet

"Divorce suffers from an identity crisis as it shuffles towards its finale. "

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Shakespeare's 'As You Like It' Trumps Reality TV

Shakespeare's As You Like It employed every signature reality show convention three and a half centuries before television even existed.


Media scholar Jack Linchuan Qiu argues that slavery-like conditions, which define digital media workers, mirror the slavery-like obsessions of consumers.

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Emerging from My Hiatus from Big Budget Games

Emerging from My Hiatus from Big Budget Games

"I'd gotten burned out on scope and maybe on spectacle in video games, but I think it's time to return to bigger worlds to conquer. "

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Searching for Wholesome Online Fun: LDS Gamers

While being skeptical about the Church ever officially endorsing video games, LDS gamers remains hopeful about the future, knowing that Mormon society is slowly growing to appreciate gaming.


Annukka enhances the reading experience of The Snow Queen and The Fir Tree with her distinctive artistic approach.

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The Best Pop Albums of 2016
In a year when we lost too many music icons (and maybe even our minds in the process), the escapist power of pop music is needed more than ever. Read More
The Best Jazz of 2016
Ready For "Change": Cindy Wilson Talks Upcoming Album, Stage Show, and New Collaborators
You Can Go Home Again: An Interview with R.E.M.'s Mike Mills
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