Gorillaz: Humanz



Gorillaz return with their fifth album, Humanz, their most chaotic release yet.

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Ray Davies: Americana

Ray Davies


The most quintessentially, idiosyncratically British of all British Invasion artists returns to a time of youthful idealism and a fascination with the American mythos that finds him exploring the titular nation in all its idioms, while also delving into his past.

Ryuichi Sakamoto: async

The celebrated composer is back from a recent health scare with his first solo album in eight years, and it's a dark, eerie, ethereal beauty.

The Cathartic Expansion of One's Tribe: An Interview With Director Angie Wang of 'Cardinal X'

The Cathartic Expansion of One's Tribe

An Interview With Director Angie Wang of 'Cardinal X'

"I was a kid that grew up longing for a sense of community, acceptance and belonging, and that's really the most beautiful thing that I've found through making this film."

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Spy for Sale: What Does the Future Hold for the James Bond Series and for Bond Himself?

Spy for Sale

What Does the Future Hold for the James Bond Series and for Bond Himself?

With Sony's 007 contract expired, we take a tongue-in-cheek look at how very differently the Bond films might take shape under different studios.

Smudge and Jury: The Punk-Noir Pulp of 'I, The Jury'

Smudge and Jury

The Punk-Noir Pulp of 'I, The Jury'

With all the roughneck charm of a '40s-era pulp novel and much style to spare, I, The Jury is a good, popcorn-filling yarn.

'Feud' Finds the Emotional Truth of an Epic Rivalry

'Feud' Finds the Emotional Truth of an Epic Rivalry

"By flipping the script, Feud dreamed of a way to reinvent two of Hollywood's most iconic and most tragic leading ladies."

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I Can't Bear to Watch, I Must Watch: Revisiting McLuhan, Postman, and DeLillo in These Heady Days

Americans' voyeuristic attraction for scarlet-stained murder spectacles spills over into our need for similarly doomed entertainment in our highest national political office.


From the atomic bombing of Nagasaki to her father's pedophilia, Kogawa embarks on a brutally honest and personal exploration of the nature of guilt and forgiveness.

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Players Lose Control in Tales from the Borderlands

Players Lose Control in ‘Tales from the Borderlands’

"This is an interactive story in which players don’t craft the characters, we just control them. "

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The Moving Pixels Podcast Becomes the 'Beholder'

It's easy to think that we would never be complicit with the dictates of an authoritarian regime, but Beholder reveals how complicated such choices can become.


Imagine sitting, chained in place, watching the light from a window move across the wall. Guy Delisle imagines and renders it in Hostage.

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Willie Nelson: God's Problem Child
Having released a seemingly innumerable number of albums over the last half century plus, Willie Nelson shows no signs of slowing down on the excellent God’s Problem Child. Read More
Remembering Prince's Greatest Epic: 30 Years of "Sign 'O' The Times"
You Say You Want A Revolution: André Cymone Talks Merging Poetic, Personal
Max Richter on How Music Helps Him Understand the World
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