The Best Songs of 2016

The Best Songs of 2016

From electronic to soul... from American to rock... from hip-hop to rockin' and poppin' indie... 2016 was a stellar year in popular music.

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Miranda Lambert: The Weight of These Wings

Miranda Lambert

The Weight of These Wings

After a prolonged silence in the wake of her very public divorce, Miranda Lambert opens up, takes the high road and harnesses her heartbreak to create one of the best country albums of 2016.

Papa M: Highway Songs

Papa M

Highway Songs

Considering the circumstances, Papa M’s latest is an unexpectedly unburdened record.

Rage Plus Time Equals Prophecy: 'I Am Not Your Negro'

Rage Plus Time Equals Prophecy

'I Am Not Your Negro'

James Baldwin’s requiem for three Civil Rights martyrs is also a letter addressed to future America and its “vast, unthinking, cruel white majority.”

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Convoluted Weaponized Soul Does Not Play Fair With the Viewer

Convoluted "Weaponized Soul" Does Not Play Fair With the Viewer

"No, Max Landis! You can't do that! "

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'This Is Us': New Life, New Opportunities, and Loss are All Part of The Game Plan

You could try to resist This Is Us's particular brand of drama and schmaltz, but it's a pretty irresistible mix.


Media scholar Jack Linchuan Qiu argues that slavery-like conditions, which define digital media workers, mirror the slavery-like obsessions of consumers.

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Emerging from My Hiatus from Big Budget Games

Emerging from My Hiatus from Big Budget Games

"I'd gotten burned out on scope and maybe on spectacle in video games, but I think it's time to return to bigger worlds to conquer. "

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Searching for Wholesome Online Fun: LDS Gamers

While being skeptical about the Church ever officially endorsing video games, LDS gamers remains hopeful about the future, knowing that Mormon society is slowly growing to appreciate gaming.


While clearly endorsing Bernie Sanders’ politics, Rall offers an interesting and balanced portrait of the man behind the politics.

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