Kingdom: Tears in the Club


Tears in the Club

A future pop canvas of exquisite beauty, experimental club producer Kingdom shares an intimate, half-drunk night in and out of safe and not-so-safe spaces.

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Big Sean: I Decided

Big Sean

I Decided

Is Big Sean cool? I Decided has done little to sway that to a “yes".

Sam Patch: Yeah You, and I

Sam Patch

Yeah You, and I

Arcade Fire's Tim Kingsbury steps out on his own with a winning, engaging solo project full of analog synths and killer hooks.

'Who' Will Be the Next Doctor?

'Who' Will Be the Next Doctor?

"What shall it be? A Doctor with whip-smart delivery of his lines? A woman who will bewitch before she kicks a Dalek's ass? Oh, the possibilities..."

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'The Santa Clarita Diet' Realizes, We Can Kill People, After All

Drew Barrymore does breezy and ballistic in a narrative-heavy episode.


There were many hit cover versions in the '80s, some of well-known originals, and some that fans may be surprised are covers.

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The Dead Haunt Me in 'Dishonored 2'

The Dead Haunt Me in 'Dishonored 2'

"Not killing one person doesn't make up for killing another. Life and death don't balance out that easily. "

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'Youtubers Life' Asks: Can You Have Much of a Life as a Content Creator?

What The Sims as a dollhouse game has over Youtubers Life is a more robust Soap Opera generator. A little comedy, a little tragedy goes a long way in enjoying a simulated life.


The steampunk cityscapes are fantastic in The Theory of the Grain of Sand, yet the underlying mystery is subtle.

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Decoding Dylan, a Servant of the Text
Bob Dylan’s work proves not only that he's an autodidact, but also that he understands the importance of structure, form, and tradition in both literature and music. Read More
On Wandering the Paths of a Spotify Analyst's Mad Music Map
All the Gilmore Girls Come Full Circle in "Fall"
An Overcrowded Episode Shows 'The Blacklist' Is Exhausted
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