The Killers: Wonderful Wonderful

The Killers

Wonderful Wonderful

It will never go down as anyone's favorite Killers album, but this is easily the most fun the Vegas rockers have had in years.

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Grave Pleasures: Motherblood

Grave Pleasures


Motherblood is loaded with apocalyptic imagery amidst dark-hearted romanticism.

Imitating Aeroplanes: Planet Language

Imitating Aeroplanes

Planet Language

The middle of the album by itself would represent a largely unremarkable debut for the electropop of Imitating Aeroplanes. But the beginning and end of this album are so strong that they lift up the whole record.

'Battle of the Sexes' Whiffs the Serve

'Battle of the Sexes' Whiffs the Serve

This easy-rock dramatization of the 1973 blockbuster match between Billie Jean King and past-his-prime champ Bobby Riggs has its moments but can’t capture the liberating drama of the moment.

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Is the Comedy Duo Mitchell and Webb Really 'Back'?

Is the Comedy Duo Mitchell and Webb Really 'Back'?

"Mitchell and Webb's created personas culminated in their groundbreaking sitcom, Peep Show. Reuniting for new series Back, will it be more of the same? Does that even matter?"

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A Revived 'Will & Grace' Is Ready to Reclaim Its 'Must See TV' Tiara

The 2.0 version of Will & Grace joins the small but hard-to-overlook list of flat-lined shows that have been resuscitated.


Black creative and economic self-determination within the music industry didn’t begin with Chance the Rapper, or Prince, or even Motown.

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On Memory and Nostalgia: Seth's 'Palookaville 23'

On Memory and Nostalgia: Seth's 'Palookaville 23'

"A wonderful addition to Seth’s already brilliant body of work, Palookaville 23 is a reminder of how much time he’s dedicated to his art, and how worthwhile that time has been."

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Idols, Ideals, and Reminders in 'Generations: Captain Marvel & Ms. Marvel #1'

Ms. Marvel reconnects with her idol, but a choppy narrative limits the impact.


This week Nick and Eric travel into space and plan an elaborate heist to steal Tales from the Borderlands - Episode 4.

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Paul Weller's Impossible Idea
One of the UK's most revolutionary rock figures isn't showing any signs of slowing down. His insatiable thirst for the new leads to the creation of A Kind Revolution. Weller talks with PopMatters about his new music and career. Read More
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Back to Blue Bayou: An Interview With Linda Ronstadt
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