Aiming for Enrike's Minimalistic Dance Is on Full Display With "Flat Beats" (premiere)

Photo: Anne Valeur

Norwegian electropop act, Aiming for Enrike share their latest single, "Flat Beats", loaded with minimalist beats.

Norwegian electropop act Aiming for Enrike are releasing their latest album, Music For Working Out, on 10 January 2020 via Pekula Records.

The latest single from that recording, "Flat Beats", demonstrates the electro outfit's penchant for creating hook-laden instrumental music that recalls acts such as Burial, Four Tet, Louis Cole, Gary Numan, Talking Heads, and DFA1979 as well as soundtrack music from Stranger Things and Blade Runner. Far from being a neo-synth act, Aiming for Enrike finds a way to bring the tried-and-true to new majestic heights on this latest offering. Owing as much to progressive jazz and Krautrock as it does to dance music, "Flat Beats" is a string of mini-movies for the mind that never disappoints and never fails to surprise.

The group adds, "'Flat Beats' is the most minimalistic dance track from our upcoming album, Music for Working Out. The song has already become one of the highlights in our live set, and at the moment, it feels like a good indicator of what kind of music we will be making in the future. Enjoy!"

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